Nutritional Supplements are important to keep skin young looking and combat premature aging.


Today,  Nutritional Supplements are very much in the forefront; however, when I began a supplement program 20 years ago, they were not. My search began because my energy level was low and I felt I was not able to fully enjoy life. I had been taking "over the counter" vitamins from a variety of sources - both "the cheapest" and the "health store" variety - for several years but had not been feeling any better. 

The study of vitamin supplements, how they benefit us and what manufacturer to trust became a passion. After much research, I discovered the Shaklee Corporation. Having used the Shaklee products for more than 15 years, I feel better and have the stamina to lead a full life - enjoying every moment. 

In addition to the energy and well being that proper supplementation gives to life in general, proper nutrition and supplementation is vital to maintaining healthy and vibrant skin.

Vitamin consultations are one of the services provided at the Purple Gate.

Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.  

Company Philosophy

Like a handful of true visionaries who have shaped our society, Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee was a man of many diverse and passionate beliefs.

Dr. Shaklee realized the complementary strengths of science and nature had incomparable healing power. He also believed in an uncompromising respect for the environment, decades before words like global warming and biodegradable even appeared.

From these founding principals, Dr. Shaklee created natural food products and household cleaners that were the best of science and nature combined - and in this process, set his company on a path of Creating Healthier Lives.



Health Sciences

Health Sciences is an essential resource for providing a crucial leadership role at Shaklee in developing the scientific rationale for the ingredient mix in all nutrition products. This includes formulating correct dosage levels for safety and efficacy. Research findings, often supported by published clinical trials, are thoroughly discussed among R&D, product marketing and legal staff so there is confidence that the final product meets or exceeds the industry's standards of Current Good Manufacturing Practice as well as efficacy targets. Our Scientific Advisory Board offers additional expertise in nutrition, biochemistry, herbal medicine, cardiovascular health, and sports medicine.



Product Quality

A health and nutrition leader since 1956, Shaklee continues to champion solid, scientifically backed product choices rather than "risky" trends.

Shaklee has invested over $250 million in exhaustive product research and development, and clinical trials. Each year, approximately 83,000 laboratory and quality assurance tests are performed on nutritional products and their ingredients alone!

Each product must perform to a standard of excellence. Each product must deliver the correct dosage of key ingredients, based on clinical research. Each product must start with the finest raw materials and be formulated to deliver consistently.

Shaklee utilizes the best nature and science can provide. That means no shortcuts.


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