The feeling of wearing Mineral Mine make-up is like having no make-up on at all ! (This lightness is also very flattering)

Mineral Mine products reflect the light but their special formulation, which minimizes the amount of mica, prevents unwanted shine. 

We will do a brief color analysis to determine your skin undertones before matching the mineral foundation for you. We also carry a selection of professional brushes to help you achieve the look of perfection.

Barbara's Private Collection

Skin Nourishing

Mineral Makeup

u Skin-healthy formula from natural mineral pigments including micronized titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide with freeze dried vitamins A, E, and D and lavender based aromatherapy.

u Essential nutrients replenish and protect, neutralize free radicals, soothe and smooth skin for a natural flawless complexion.

u Long-lasting weightless coverage corrects most skin problems while light reflective minerals minimize the appearance of fine lines without adding shine.

u Chemical-free broad spectrum sun protection.

u Endorsed by cosmetic and plastic surgeons, aestheticians and used by professionals for post procedural coverage.

u Anti-microbial and anit-inflamatory properties are ideal for rosacea and acne prone skin.

u Near zero allergy risk with no harmful chemicals, dyes or alcohol.

u Non-comedogenic, oil free and very water resistant.

Puts back a little of what daily life takes out.

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