In support of our mission, our environment is calm, relaxing and inviting. Each of our clients receives personalized custom service. Our Facials and Body Treatments are tailored to your specific needs and target the things you would most like to change about your skin,


Purple Gate Spa Facial   -  - 65 Purple Gate Facials are customized to give optimal results. All facials are 60 min or longer depending on your treatment.  

Purple Gate Spa Facial   -  75 with Microdermabrasion

 Purple Gate Spa Facial  -  75  with Light Therapy

 Around the Eyes     - - - 5      (can be added to any facial)


Back Facial  -  -  -  55   

Body Wrap with Microdermabrasion - - 65              

Add a Body Wrap to a Facial or   - - 30         Back Treatment                                          


Booster Treatment Program:

85% of what we think is "Aging Skin" is actually Damaged Skin. The Booster Program works to correct that damage.

Monthly skin treatments will improve your skin. Starting your monthly treatment regimen with an accelerated "Booster Program" will give the best results in the shortest time. This treatment package is ideal to get your skin in top shape. Skin with fine lines, acne and that dull lifeless look benefit from treatments scheduled 7 - 10 days apart. A series of 6 treatments is recommended to give your skin the boost it needs for optimal results. All Booster Programs are individually and professionally designed for your skin condition and your skin care goals. We will select a combination from the following available:

                                h Microdermabrasion                    h LED Light Therapy              

                                h a-Hydroxy Acid                        h b-Hydroxy Acid

                                h Enzyme peels                            h Hydration Therapy

                                h Serums                                     h Masks

To give visible improvement to your skin - - - 450



The Purple Gate Spa is located at 526 North Avenue Rock Hill, SC

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